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Here at JRWPCI,

our company always

recycles and uses as

many "GREEN-



paints and

 new recycled

 building materials

as possible!



We use Green Sustainable Building Technology  and Remodeling for a Cleaner Future Environment







Our company donates

1% of all contracts

signed to the



 Cancer Center 





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SloanKettering Cancer Center










































Client Testimonials and References

Below is a list of some of our client testimonial letters to our company

                                       and a page of new and older references>


Reference from Mr. and Mrs. Mc Dermott

Interior Remodeling 2008  & Vinyl Siding - 2010



               Thanks again for another great job on our house.  Not only are we still enjoying the additional bedroom, the built in wall unit, the floors, new window, and remodeling of the stairs that you did for us a few years ago, but now we can also add to that a new generator install that hosts the majority of our house during our many power outages, a new portico install that is a beautiful addition to the entry way of our house, and all new vinyl siding that really makes our house look new.  All work done to date is beautiful and the level of service and professionalism that you bring to the table separates you from any other contractor we have worked with in the past. 


Thanks again and we look forward to working on future projects as they arise with you. 


Mr. & Mrs. McDermott 

Home phone: 203-210-5235

Brian McDermott Email: Brian.McDermott@traditionenergy.com












Dear Jim, 

       I want to thank you and your team for the terrific job you did painting our house. Patty and I are very pleased with how it looks. Your advice and suggestions are always welcome.

        As I have said, "I am a perfectionist like you , so I do get involved and ask questions about the project".

        Thank again for your work and efforts and we will keep you informed of future projects.

Sincerely,   Steve  Connor

Wilton, CT

Our company also returned to  build a beautiful deck on Mr. and Mrs. Connors home. 



Dear Jim and Rich,

         The wall cabinet and shelves are just beautiful!  We love them- and thank you for building this special part of our home. Please feel free to come over and take pictures any time!

     We hope to see you one day soon.   The Suppans

Wallunit Before  Space


Westport, CT


      Final Media Center

 Construction and Finishing


Hi Jim,

         “Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you and your crew did on my home. You transformed my outdated 50's fireplace into a classic, yet modern focal point. When you step into my living room you now see this beautiful centerpiece framed by custom shelves and cabinetry. I was very impressed by the amount of time you took to design and review the job with me before construction began.

    It was comforting to know that all the details would be covered. Your crew worked straight through and got the job done quickly and efficiently.”

All the best,         Lorraine Anagnost

Fairfield, CT

                  Completed Fireplace

  Wallunit and Granite Mantel Project


        “The custom wall unit completely changed the look of our family room.

      Jim walked us through a number of creative ways to optimize space while achieving the look and feel we described. Jim and his professional team finished on time and on budget.

           He has our highest recommendation!

The Kiedaisch’s


Westport, CT

The Corner TV Unit ( the older TV rolls in and the bottom is covered by

a removable raised panel) remote sensor is located on the shelf.










James R. Wilson Painting and Carpentry Inc.


  Day time Cell  1-203-858-0709        

Office  Phone203-880-5464


  Reference List

Web @------- http://www.jrwpaintingcarpentry.biz

References are both recent clients and clients from past years -

(Many more are  available on request)


Client Name                                          

Mr. and Mrs. Doocy                             255-3885                 (Southport)         

   Interior/Exterior Painting/Carpentry/Roofing/Copper Work

Custom  Kitchen and Home Remodeling, Oak and

Mahogany Built-ins TV  Units, Custom Tiling, Heated floor. ---- A/W Doors/windows

Mr. & Mrs. McDermott      Interior Remodeling and Exterior Vinyl Siding and Generator Installation

Home phone: 203-210-5235

Brian McDermott Email: Brian.McDermott@traditionenergy.com



Mr. and Mrs. Schulten                         259-8699                 (Southport)        

    Interior -- Computer Desk with Storage

Mr. and Mrs. Gaynor                           372-1737                 (Southport)   

 Bathroom Remodeling -RoofingPaneling, Carpentry and Painting

Mr. and Mrs. Kiedaisch                       226-3178                 (Westport)           

  Carpentry: Custom Designed and Built-in Big Screen TV Unit                                              

    Fireplace   Mantel  and Flat Panel Style Mouldings.

Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman                        454-1100                 (Weston)                              

  Large Library Wall units,Remodeling,  Interior Painting

Mr. and Mrs. Keeney                            226-9560                 (Weston)                            

    Deck Construction 12’ x 58’-- Interior and  Exterior Painting

Mr. and Mrs. Cohler                            454-2965                 (Weston)                            

    Interior Painting: Carpentry / Doors / Mouldings

Joe Cahalan & C. Perla                        226-0068                 (Weston)                          

      Exterior Painting- House Painting /Carpentry Complete Roofing.

Extensive Exterior Trim/Siding Carpentry.

Mrs. Suppan                                          227-6391                (Westport)    

     Television Wall Unit ---Built-in Book Case and Custom Mouldings                                                   Ms. Wilson                                             454-1350                 (Westport)            

Bathroom, Living room, Dining room Remodeling  -Wall Units

Mr. and Mrs. Leopold                          226-7844                 (Westport)          

   Basement Remodeling: Painting / Carpentry

Custom Kitchen-  completed -Extensive Exterior Carpentry

Rebuild and Repair-Siding-Flashing- Roofing-Doors-Window.

 Sue Mason/Tom Zowocki                   454-7781                 (Westport)         

    Interior/Exterior Paint / Carpentry / Wallpaper

Custom Kitchen-Remodeling----- Exterior Carpentry Rebuild and Repair:

Plus---Siding /Metal Flashing

 Mr. and Mrs. Lupoff                           221-3060                 (Westport)          

   Interior/Exterior Painting/Carpentry

Extensive Remodeling -------- Custom Great Room  –

Raised Ceiling, Oak flooring & Refinishing -Siding, Window/Door -Fascia Trim- -Skylight

Mr. and Mrs. Walsh                             762-3388                 (Wilton)              

   Interior/Exterior Floor Sanding,

Custom Wood Floor installed

Mr. and Mrs. McDermott                    210-5235                 (Wilton)              

   Interior/Exterior Extensive  Remodeling, Floor Sanding

Wall unit

Mr. and Mrs. Quattrochi                     762-2981                 (Wilton)             

    Interior/Exterior  Painting & Carpentry- Sheet Rocking

Extensive Custom Crown --Compounded (Built up) Mouldings.

Mr. and Mrs. Craney                           834-0916                 (Wilton)          

       Basement remodel and Bathroom -------Custom Designed


Mr. and Mrs. Myers                             299-7171                 (Wilton)                

  Basement Remodeling – Wall units - Painting

                                                                Custom Bathrooms Complete Demo an

d Remodeling            Moved Walls------Interior Painting- Tile Work

Mr. and Mrs. Von Ancken                  372-1737                 (Easton )               

 Bathroom Remodeling -Paneling, Carpentry and Painting

Mr. and Mrs. Ashworth                       761-1069                 (Wilton)               

   Interior Painting and Carpentry Raised Paneling/ Stairs Rebuild

Interior Raised Paneling Entry Stairs/2nd Floor Hallways---Bathroom Remodel -

-- Exterior Siding, Custom - Trim and Moulding.

Mr. and Mrs. Stofega                            834-1050                (Wilton

Exterior Painting/Wallpaper and Carpentry-Siding-Complete Roofing

Kitchen Renovation/Installation -----

Added on .Front (Porch) Portico. Extensive Built-In Carpentry, Oak Flooring and Painting.

Mr. and Mrs. Baker                              762-2835 (Wilton

 Exterior Staining and Carpentry-Extensive Deck Construction, Complete Flat

Roofing with Deck over and Screened in Porch---

Basement work,(Flooring, Butcher Blocks, and Heat Register  Sanding and Refinishing).

Mr. and Mrs. Conner                           761-0163                 (Wilton)  

Exterior Carpentry/ Painting - Custom Deck- 18’ x 20’Deck Construction

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin                         368-9346                 ( Fairfield )        

     Sliding Andersen Door, mouldings, painting.

Mr. and Mrs.Seideman                     222-0424                 (Westport)         

   Interior Built-Ins-Computer              Armoire and file cabinets.

Nancy Evans-Bob Arnold          203-966-5540                                New Canaan     

  Extensive remodeling – A/W doors and Windows.

 Built Ins Fire places Remodeled and install GAS fireplace.                                                                     

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce                              762-7344                (Wilton)         

         Interior Painting & Carpentry Complete Basement Remodeling

Mr. and  Mrs. Gibson                           335-8861                 (Fairfield)         

      Interior Custom Kitchen& Family Room-Remodeling-

Mr. and Mrs. Roe                                 372-4862                 (Fairfield)        

       Interior and  Exterior Painting and Carpentry.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Custom Cabinets -Siding, Window/Door and

Fascia Trim-Storm Windows- Doors-Complete Roofing

Mr. and Mrs. Struzik                           377-3425                 (Trumbull)         

    Interior Paint / Carpentry Custom Kitchen-Remodeling--











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